February 22, 2014

Feb 22 Sat LDS Merit Badge Clinic 8-230
Free, or $7 if you want lunch but register by Feb 15
Please as for signed blue cards before you go.
They will cover 
camping, cit in community/nation/world, cooking,
electricity, electronics, family life, first aid, hiking,
music, personal management, Photography
Feb 22 Sat 2:30 100th committee meeting
Feb 25 Tues Fun Night
Got an idea what to do?  Let me or Colin know.
Mar 1 Sat Merit Badge University (Beatrice)
Register by Feb 17 cost $12, details and register at
They will cover
cit in community/nation/world, communciations,
crime prevention, disability awareness,
emergency preparedness, engineering,
finger printing, fire safety, personal management,
photography, scouting heritage , sports

February 12, 2013

WeBeLos Orientation Tonight
We are doing show and tell for some Webelos, Not certain how many we will have, a lot, a few…Will also play scout games and have cobbler. If a few scouts could show early for setup  that would be awesome.
  • JR (Eagles) High Adventure camping
  • Collin (Flaming Arrows) Background of T16
  • Ethan (Dragons) Regular camping and events
  • Jason (Panthers) Tent/Camp site demo
6:30 start prepping dutches, start charcoal
7pm quick intro, make cobblers
Then rotate webelos through various demos
Followed by Scout games
Ninja, Steal the Bacon, Push game
Finish up with Cobblers
Mt Crescent?
Weather was not good last weekend, 3/4 of the ‘mountain’ was closed.  Weather looks better for this weekend stay tuned.
Possible camp-out February 22-24 Will need two adults for saturday as I have a previous commitment to teach at the LDS MBU (7am-2pm Sat).
Ron Souliere – Scoutmaster Troop 16
Real freedom lies in wilderness, not in civilization – Charles Lindbergh


Boy Scout Troop 16 is charted by Southview Christian Church located at 2040 South 22nd St. in Lincoln, Nebraska.

We meet every Tuesday evening and camp every month. We are a boy led troop with trained adult advisors. Contact our Scoutmaster, or any of the adult leaders, for information about joining in the fun.